Internalized Racism 101

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Internalized Racism refers to the personal conscious or subconscious acceptance of the dominate society’s racist views, stereotypes and biases of one’s ethnic group. It gives rise to patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that results in discriminating, minimizing, criticizing, finding fault, invalidating and hating oneself while simultaneously valuing the dominant culture. 

Internalized oppresion occurs when people are targeted, discriminated against or oppressed over time, they often internalize (believe and make part of their self image - their internal view of themselves.) the myths and misinfomation that society communicate to them about their group. 

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Racist Socialization and (internalized racism)

Learned Helplessness, literacy deprivation, distorted self-concept, antipathy or aversion for the following:
The members of ones own identified cultural/ethnic group,

The mores and customs associated ones own identified cultural/ethnic heritage,

The physical characteristics of ones own identified cultural/ethnic group.