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Sankofic Journey exists to eradicate self-hate at its root. Through educational programs, black history children's books, and quality handmade products, we educate about African culture, history, and significance with the goal of shifting beliefs, fostering positive self-image, and building a better world for our children.

Meet The Owner

Mattye Crowley 

Hello, my name is Mattye Crowley. I was born & raised in Denver, Colorado, & identify as African in America. I earned my B.A. in Africana Studies at Metro State University of Denver, CO. I am the mother of two sons, one of whom has a seizure condition that prevented me from working a traditional 9 to 5. I am the owner of Sankofic Journey, through which I create quality, fact-based, black history children’s books and corresponding curriculum.

Sankofic Journey was initially created with the mission of educating and eliminating self-hate through quality, fact-based black history curriculum for children. However, Sankofic Journey has grown to be even more. Sankofic Journey continues to create quality black history children's books. we are also found ways to educate through our authentic handmade African items, and programs that are geared to enhance the quality of everyone's lives through workshops and other learning mediums. 

Our Why

Children’s books are one of the many ways in which racism is taught and internalized racism is created.

Sankofic Journey mission is to eliminate internalized racism. Through our k-5 curriculum we aim to counter stereotypes, and racist notions about people of African heritage, in addition, we strive to provide readers of all ages with quality fact-base black history.

Our Children's Books